在台灣,人造海岸廢棄物的問題日益嚴峻。2004年,台灣環保團體在荒野保護協會的帶領下,開始在淨灘時蒐集19項目的海廢數據。我們從2004年10月至2016年12月,橫跨12年的541場淨灘活動中分析數據。總括而言,共蒐集904,302件垃圾、重 131,358.3公斤。其中 63.6%為塑膠垃圾;27.2% 為塑膠混雜其他雜物。五種最常被紀錄的垃圾類型為塑膠購物袋、塑膠瓶罐、一次用餐具、漁具與塑膠吸管。我們估計在12年間,平均有370-790萬件、重560-1110噸的垃圾污染台灣的海岸線。我們提出改善台灣淨灘時蒐集數據品質的建議,以及紀錄因為資料集中的部分數據而引發的政策改變。


Man-made coastal debris pollution is a growing concern for Taiwan. In 2004, Taiwanese environmental organizations led by the “Society of Wilderness” began gathering data on 19 categories of debris items collected during cleanup events. We present our analysis of the resulting 12-year dataset collated from 541 events held between October 2004 and December 2016. In total, 904,302 items weighing 131,358.3kg were collected, and 63.6% and 27.2% of items were made of either plastic or plastic mixed with other materials, respectively. The five most commonly recorded debris categories were plastic shopping bags, plastic bottle caps, disposable tablewares, fishing equipment, and plastic drinking straws. We estimated that during the 12-year period on average between 3.7 and 7.9 million items weighing 560–1110 metric tons polluted Taiwan’s coastline. We offer recommendations for improving the quality of data collected during Taiwan’s cleanup events and report some policy changes due partly to previous reports of this dataset.

Walther, B.A., Kunz, A., Hu C.-S. (2018) Type and quantity of coastal debris pollution in Taiwan: A 12-year nationwide assessment using citizen science data. Marine Pollution Bulletin. Vol. 135: pp 862-872.